3 Steps To Track Your Product Buyers – Find Out What They Do On Your Website

When you are developing or designing a website you have to imagine to a certain extent how it will be used and what will attract the right kind of visitors to this site.
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Once the site is up and running the best way to test your theories or to find out where you can make improvements is to have hard data that you can analyze.

There are various ways of gathering information on people who visit your site. You can ask for personal information if the user wants to register but there is no guarantee that the information will be correct and not every visitor will register if they are not required to. The best way to get a definitive and accurate set of data is through visitor tracking. Each visitor to your site however has a web log that can provide very specific and relatively accurate information on everyone that lands on any page of a site.

Web tracking is non invasive since there is no personal information available through the web log. A java script is attached to each page that you want to track and when a visitor opens that page it is used to collect the information from their browser. Most users’ internet preferences will allow this and also allow a cookie to be stored so that they have a unique tracking history. Statistical analysis can then be done either on individual behaviour or behaviours can be grouped into certain actions.

The kinds of information that are usually available from a web log are:

o Geographic location or domain

o How the site was reached; from which directory or site they linked through

o Date, time and duration of visit and how often unique visitors returned

o Which page they landed on first and how they navigated from there

o Keywords used in directory searches and site searches

o The users browser and operating system

o Which visitor made a purchase

o At what point did those who initiated a purchase give up before the sale was completed

Other information is available such as the presence of click robots or HTTP errors and the data gather can be interpreted using web log analysis software. This will generate either a tabled list or graphic information that can be used for the following:

o Understanding where your visitors are from and what markets you can accommodate more efficiently

o Establishing peak visiting hours and capacity levels

o Seeing which content and features receive the most attention and what is ignored

This kind of information can also be critical in making improvements that will make a site easier to use more relevant and will drive traffic to and through the most relevant pages. It will show you clearly: