The way to Write Rap Songs

Knowing how to write rap songs requires an awareness of the basics. Each rap song has a beat, hook, and verses, but there are several additional factors relevant to writing a rap song. Every song, whether it is rap, hip hop, R&B, or another genre, has a base style or pattern that is common to each song belonging to that genre.

The first basic element to keep in mind when trying to learn how to write a hip hop song is the beat. Every hip hop has a beat. It may vary based on the kind of song the artist wants to create, and it can be paced accordingly. Not all raps are angry plus filled with violent beats and noisy hooks; there are rap tunes which are written to electronic dance is better than and others that are happy and not filled with harsh words and lyrics. Just about any rap tune has three basic parts – the hook or even chorus, intro, and verses.
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It really is these three elements that need to keep in mind when learning how to write a rap song.

There are different ways as to what sort of rap song may start. Generally when working on how to write a rap song, writers try to experiment with different beginnings to determine which will suit the particular song the best. Raps usually start with an instrumental bit that is followed with a verse or two. But depending on the rap artist, the music may start right with the hook that will then leads to the instrumental, which is followed by the first verse. Based on the kind of song the artist is looking to write, the number of verses and set up of the parts varies.

On average, many rap tunes consist of three, 16-bar verses, but some songs have 4 verses and 32 bars each. It depends on the lyrics and beat of the rap. The verse may be the part that has the actual rap or lyrics or vocals. This is the component that contains the bulk of the lyrics and in which the meaning of the song is portrayed to the audience. Usually, the various verses in the song are of the exact same length, but that is not a necessity. The size of verses may be different if the beats of the song varies.

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