Selecting a Secondary School

Selecting a secondary school is an important step in existence. Getting it right or wrong can produce a big difference. Part of the equation is you choosing a school to apply to and the additional part is the school deciding whether to accept or reject the application.
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You will probably be choosing schools on the basis of their own location, reputation and specialisms. Obviously if there are any special requirements or religious requirements, this will be associated with huge importance too. Whether the college is a boarding school, single-sex or mixed is likely to also be of importance to a lot of.

Hopefully you have started you study early because the best schools are usually hard to get in to and locations fill up fast.

When you settle on a short-list of schools, it’s time to check them out in detail. Discuss with to see what their reputation is usually, look at the exam results, read the Ofsted reports and look at the website.

You should also go and see the schools. Notice what they are like at going-home period and how the pupils are behaving. Also visit the school by appointment or on an open day. Program a few questions before you go. When you go to the school, there are a few things to pay attention to that will help you. See how the particular teachers interact with pupils, look at the focus on display on the walls and the trophies won by the school and see what the toilets and food facilities are just like. See what condition the structures are in and whether everyone usually looks happy. Make sure that teachers connect to both parents and pupils on the tour and make sure that you ask several current pupils how they feel about the school. The school will put up the best socialized and most gifted pupils to show a person around, but make sure you talk to a number of pupils too.

Find out what sports, technology, language, music and drama facilities the school has and what extra curricular clubs are available. This helps get a really feel for overall school life and it is useful if you are after a school having a particular specialism in this field. Remember that very academic environments don’t match everyone. You will also want to find out how many pupils leave the school to go to further education.