How to Be a Web Developer?

Basically, web development is a field of software development associated to development of internet applications. In any social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Hi-5 and others, you will see various forms of internet applications. For instance, if you’re a user of these social networking sites, there are several features like:

Create your own photo album
Share your favorite pictures, songs and news
Embed videos to your website and so on and so forth
Therefore, becoming a web developer, you should have good knowledge in several basic scripting languages like HTML, XML, C++, and JavaScript.

How do I get this form of education?

You can get an online education if you are really interested in developing websites and internet applications. Please make sure that the online course is accredited before you register any computer course. Generally, there are two types of web developers:

Front end developers:

These particular developers are good at the customer portion of a website. Hence, they must have knowledge of mark up languages and various scripting languages like JavaScript, Action Scripts and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
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Back end developers

This type of developers normally work on the server side framework in which uses scripting languages like PHP, JSP, .NET, Python and Perl. They handle information whether they are on their own web servers on or an external system. If you are a beginner, start learning the basics like HTML language before you begin any web development courses. If you have decided to start earning an online degree in this particular field, you must be able to manage your time between work and study.