Where Will You Store Your Emergency Meals Storage?

Above the bin full of camping gear, below your box full of holiday keepsakes, or alongside the hardly ever used but handy to have tools; anywhere you look, it’s hard to find extra storage space in your home. Most people would agree with that statement–pack rat tendencies or not. With people buying pre-made deep freeze dried food, water supply, 72-hour kits, and other similar items with regard to emergency preparedness plans, you may be thinking it’s a good idea to follow suit. Nevertheless, where are you going store your crisis food storage in an already loaded home?

Below are some tips on how to make room for your emergency food storage space and other supplies.

Think Vertically: Often opportunities for more storage are lost because of the space remaining above stored boxes. Since guests rarely check out your storage areas, inexpensive and homemade solutions can be created to use space that would otherwise be wasted. For example , a piece of thin coat-hanger wire strung across shelves can make a new place to hang lightweight tools. This is just one of dozens of examples that could allow more room to store large water bottles and pre-made dehydrated foods for emergency supply.

The Three “C”s (Condense, Compact and Combine): A lot of tools, toys and other various cooking area or hardware accessories can come in their very own cases. Removing unnecessary packaging plus combining items into one unit can use up less space. While water may use the same mass, the same basic principle of the three “C”s can apply to the type of food being stored. Dried out and freeze-dried foods are condensed and compacted into smaller sizes.
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While canned food storage is a great avenue to stock up for food storage, one can have at least 10 times the amount more in freeze dried out food storage take up the same space. Plus, many consumers agree top quality can be found in many pre-made meals these days than what is found typical canned foods, not to mention the variety will be welcomed if the occasion ever arose for its use.

Use Stackable Storage Receptacles: Bins can be an easy way to arrange storage. Marking and labeling all of them helps sort out your different items–one for Christmas decorations, another intended for winter clothing, and so on. The best feature though is being able to stack these types of vertically. Luckily, to accommodate this common practice, many retailers of freeze out dried food storage sell their own items in bulk, and in stackable storage bins as well.

Prioritization: Inevitably, when it comes to making room for more storage like emergency food kits, usually points have to be thrown out. Making a list of the things you own and prioritizing the importance of all of them can help you determine what is more essential. As nice as it may be to have a container of old trophies to wander down memory-lane, the peace of mind in having food storage for your crisis plan will probably mean more for you and your family.