Using Binaural Beats – Getting the Most From Your Binaural Recordings

Binaural beats are a form of sound-based brainwave entrainment, and are a very popular and effective way of tapping into your mind’s full potential. If you’ve decided to give binaural recordings a try – good choice! Read on for some tips about how to use them to greatest effect.

1 . Use a good quality recording

First of all, you need to select a high quality binaural beat recording to use. Since binaurals are so popular, there’s a lot to choose from, both in CD format and as online downloads. Unfortunately, not all of these super fine, and the badly made ones can just waste your time. So be sure that the recording you select is designed for the purpose you have in mind, and that it is well recorded, with good quality sound.

2 . Listen in a quiet, comfortable environment

When using binaural beats, you need to make sure you won’t be disturbed. So make sure anyone else in your house understands not to interrupt you. You should also wear comfortable clothing, and sit or lie down somewhere that you can relax fully (if you find that you fall asleep whenever lying down, sit in a comfy seat instead).

3. How to listen to binaural beats

You’ll need to use headphones to hear binaural beat tracks. These needs to be as comfortable as possible, so as to not distract you. The volume should also become at an appropriate level, and not as well loud.

As the recording begins, simply try to focus on what you’re hearing. Breathe deeply, and allow your muscles to relax. You’ll probably find that it’s easier to stay relaxed and focused with binaural beats than when meditating usually, as the recording actively helps your brain to enter a meditative state. However , if you’re completely new to this, this still might take a bit of practice before you relax fully, and this is regular.

4. Be committed

Following on from the above point, it’s important to invest in listening to your binaural recording regularly. While some people do get the results they’re looking for the first time they listen, is actually more common to experience the full benefit of a binaural beat download over time, as your brain gets used to the process.

So for best results, listen to your documenting every day, preferably at the same time, so you get into a routine and your mind understands what to expect. Even if you don’t get instant results, most people who use binaural is better than find that they still give considerably faster progress than unaided meditation, therefore it really is worth making the effort to practice daily.

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