Bad Younger, Rich Older – Lengthy Years in The Making?

7 General Truths About The Secret Money Making. Not The Expensive SECRET, yet 7 Free Secrets.

Older people might remember Rich Man, Poor Guy ( or was Rich Roots, Poor Roots? ) movie… Recently you may read Rich Dad, Poor Dad apartment investment book…

You need to decide to be rich, or this just happens with some? There is any science involved, or just following a group of rules, doubled by lucky opportunities? If you want to become rich, you have to do exactly what richers usually do!? Always?

There exists a long journey from poor state to the rich lifestyle?… What’s the Secret twist in the brain & the very center of a poor man, willing to become rich. Are serious Q & A for anyone in the making striving process.

Little bit from many, from the lot for a few. This it’s 1 true statement about so called brand new Law of Attraction. In order that someone become richer, many others have to poorer, as the money migrate from innocents, to smarter liars. When the The reds collapsed in Eastern Europe, all citizens was equal (this was the dream of Communism by the way). Anyone had a shelter, and clothes to them. Now after 15 years, Nations are ruled by a few super-rich co-nationals with real estate and yachts etc . and millions have the exact same things, as a shelter above and clothes on them.

Secondly is: Keep your secret, of how you convict other people to work for you. Let them work, you might relax, and think to next steps. The routine, makes people stupid really. It’s nothing exciting in repeating (too much) one operation or even job. You become a robot finally. This it’s the second secret. A few people programming a lot of human robots to operate for them (this it’s a secret obviously for… robots). By the way the word robot come from Russian word rabota. Preparing in the countries with too solid leaders.

Thirdly… The rich individuals have reserves… They have time to debate, wait, negotiate and close the business for some time, until you and other competitors go broke. So you have to sell your work pressure to big companies to offer all of them your services and experience. They have… (even time enough). You not. The particular rent & utility bills coming in your own mail box (also from large companies again) and you have to pay. This it’s the 3rd secret of how richers attract wealth to them.

As the 4th… Telling lies… Poor people lie mainly because… And richers, because… Most dangerous are the “white lies”.. A lot of truth… however the meaning twisted, as in Eden garden… They teach you, what you have to do for you (in reality you bring money indirectly to them). Telling you, what you like to hear…
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You are OK for them, for as long they exploit you. If some thing goes wrong, they come with storm news to scare you… and push back again in your cubicle.

What else? Let me think….

Fifth… May do what the rich people say… Let them think you follow all of them recommendations… Don’t start a strike… But you have to plan your life… Don’t let other people to plan your life for you. You need to do it, for yourself. No one else. You have a boss? He telling you what to do at work, and even in family, or even in your free time? Stop that… Figure out around you a business niche, and start your life adventure, usually do not fit in others selfish dreams or even plans. Lead yourself. (Can you do that finally? You never know unless you try it. )

Sixth secret… is going to be, find success and not share immediately with your friends or relatives. They might copy you, and your successful company die. Don’t let them know where is your source of income really. Don’t trumpet where is the location of your precious metal mine… Why you do this? However if you become rich, look around for the indegent and help them richly. Do not like other selfish super-rich individuals. You have to limit yourself. Not become tomorrow, what you hated yesterday.