four Good Reasons to Have a Roofing Contractor Roof Your Home in the Winter

If you live in an area of the country, for example Massachusetts, with harsh winters you could be wondering why anyone would think about roof replacement in the winter time. Well, it’s not as uncommon as you might think. Many roofing contractors offer their services year round even in cool and snowy regions like Ma, which is where I’m from. Roof Massachusetts homes during the winter is not any different for a roofing contractor compared to doing it any other time of the year, having a few exception, and some roofing companies and there crews even say that they prefer it. First take a look at go over what makes roofing more difficult earnings season and the arguments against having a brand new roof installed right now.

It’s freezing outside for a roof replacement.

This argument just doesn’t hold any water. It may be cold out right now but who cares? Your roof doesn’t care.
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The crew installing your roof doesn’t care. Don’t worry about the people doing the installation. If the cold weather bothered them that much they wouldn’t be up there installing your new roofing in the first place, they would be working an indoor job. I know a lot of guys that prefer roofing in cold weather simply because it is cold. Try roofing the black roof in the middle of the Summer. Lots of fun, let me tell ya. During the summer if it is 90 degrees on the ground it feels like 110 degrees up on that roof (and sometimes is).

There is too much snow on my roofing to have it replaced right now.

This particular, my friend, is why God created snow shovels. It is really not a big deal in order to shovel the snow off of the roof. It usually takes a half-hour to an hour to remove the snowfall and most roofing contractors don’t actually charge you extra for this as long as they are there to replace the roof and not just spade snow (a service which numerous roofing companies provide in the Northern East). Does the crew have to be careful while doing this to avoid dropping? Of course. However , the crew must be careful in every regard when it comes to roofer a house, this is nothing new. These guys are professionals and safety must always comes first, and does always come first with a responsible roofing firm.

Alright, I just gave you two reasons why many people think roofing really should not done in the winter and why they will aren’t really very good reasons at all. Now let me give you the 4 greatest reasons you should consider having your roof replaced this time of year.

1 . ) Ice dams causing leaks.

The winter time in Ma tests your home and roof in manners unlike any other time of year. The most common cause of roof leaks during the winter may be the dreaded ice dam. An snow dam is formed over the eaves of a house from built up snow melting and running down the roofing only to refreeze at the very edge of the roof line. Here in Massachusetts, as well as other cold climate areas, roofing contractors use a product called “ice & water barrier” together with appropriate drip-edge flashing techniques to prevent snow dams from damaging your home and causing leaks. This technique, when performed properly, provides added protection regarding at least 3 feet up from all edges of the roof. Many older roofs do not have “ice and water barrier” installed. If your roofing is leaking because of ice dams this could be a great time to have the roof redone properly and insure that glaciers dams will not be bothering you and your home again.

2 . ) Winter circumstances, in general, make a bad roof even worse.

If you had a bad roof prior to winter hit it is only likely to be in worse shape once spring arrives. There are many factors that negatively affect your roof in the cold weather. We already discussed ice dams but there’s more. During the winter because the temperature fluctuates it makes your shingles expand and contract causing curling and cracking in older shingles. Now let’s say some of your previous roof shingles curl a bit, then you get a nice wet, heavy snowfall and the weight of the snow causes some of those curled shingles to crack. Now you have a potential new roof leak. Also, when that wet, heavy snow then freezes it can possibly cause even more damage to your own old roof shingles. The thawing and refreezing that occurs throughout the winter season is nothing but bad for old shingles. Old roofs hate the chilly winters.

3. ) Faster services on your new roof installation.

It’s a simple fact that Massachusetts roofing contractors, and roofing contractors in general, are not as busy during the winter. What this signifies for a homeowner needing a new roofing is that the roof contractor you choose could possibly install your new roofing in a matter of days from the time that you sign the particular contract as opposed to waiting weeks, or maybe months sometimes, if you hold off until the spring, summer, and fall weeks. For many homeowners this reason on your own should be enough to have your roof required for the winter time.

4. ) Spend less by taking advantage of a slow season for roofers.

Who doesn’t want to save as much money as possible especially when it comes to an expensive home improvement project such as re-roofing. For the same reasons that you may be able to receive faster installation service on a new roof from a roofing contractor during the winter, you will also probably receive a better price than you would during the warmer months. Most professional roof installers will provide you with the same labor warranty for any roof installed in winter time as being a roof installed any other time of year. The particular material warranty is provided by the shingle manufacturer and will be the same no matter what season the roof was installed. Roofing contractors want to keep their crews busy and will give you a better price just to avoid having to lay away from employees during the winter slowdown.