Easy steps To Proper Web Design

Throughout the last decade, the Internet has grown further than all expectations. Each and everyday there is a brand new website that is being developed. The biggest challenge a new website will face is getting viewers to stay on their site long enough and to attain high search results with search engines.

One of the factors which could help you address these issues is having a website with good web design.
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The importance of knowing proper web design can very well determine where your site is listed in search results and how long a visitor remains on your site.

Proper web design is not a difficult task, it is just a matter associated with designing your website from a viewers point of view. This article will give you suggestions on appropriate web design to enhance your search results along with search engines and capturing a higher attention from your visitors.

What Your Site Is all about

First off, it is vital that your home page clarifies in detail the purpose of your website. Did a person ever go to a website that was filled with a lot of links, graphics or ads, but you really didn’t have an idea of what their website was all about? If a person has to search through page to page just to determine what information your website really offers, the probabilities are they will move onto another web site. Don’t keep them second-guessing, it’s important that you will be very specific on your home page, letting your viewers know up-front your websites main purpose.

Font Size/Style

When creating your website keep in mind not all people have the same eyesight. It is best to use absolutely nothing less than10 point, with12 point being the most recommended. Keep all of pages in your website consistent with exactly the same font size and style (this of course is in exception to titles and sub-titles).

Text Colors

Create reading your pages easy by always using a dark text having a light background. Using a light coloured text against a light background makes it difficult for your readers to read the content. There are a few sites that reverse this process by using a light text on darkish background, which is found acceptable in some cases, but you are better off using dark on light for your overall content material.

Paragraphs and Spacing

To make reading your web pages easy for your audiences, do not use long paragraphs in your web pages. Try to keep your paragraphs to 6 to 7 lines with proper spacing between each one. Attempt to implement sub-titles to break up many paragraphs, as this creates easier reading through and is more attention getting.

Content material

Does your website provide more useful content than advertisements? Providing viewers with very little content is a typical mistake many webmasters make whenever they develop their website. I can’t begin to inform you how many websites I’ve seen that could only have a couple paragraphs of the things i call useful content, and the relaxation being advertisements, sales pitches, hyperlinks, banners, etc .

If you are going to take the time to develop and invest in a website, you need to focus on providing your viewers along with informative information. Search engines favor sites that have useful content, not to mention you will capture a stronger interest from your viewers.

Page Size

Try to keep each of your pages no more than four pages in length. The reasons for this is the fact that no one likes to spend a lot of the time rolling just to read the entire content. Should you have a lot of content, break it straight into separate pages. You can put in a hyperlink of “continue”, “next”, or “go to page #” at the bottom of each page.

Navigation Links

Nothing could be more frustrating than trying to figure out tips on how to maneuver around ones website. Many any person (including myself) will depart a website as fast as they came in when they find it difficult to get from page to page.

Make it easy for your viewers in order to navigate around your website by putting navigation links on all of your webpages. It is advised that all navigation links follow the same pattern on each page so as not to confuse your own viewer. Setting your navigation links on the either side and also on top or bottom is highly recommended.

Down load Time

Did you ever click a link to a website and discovered you had to wait 20 seconds or even longer for the website to open? We don’t know about you, but if I must wait too long for a website to spread out, I will click off of it plus go to another website.

This problem is caused by a Webmaster having too many graphics or animations on their website. Big graphics and animations will definitely sluggish the load time to your website. Keep in mind nearly all Internet users are still using dial-up for his or her Internet connection, so the time it takes for the website to open with a lot of visuals, can seem like eternity to them.

To prevent this problem do not use too many images on your website and try to resize those you want to keep. The ideal is to fixed your pages to load within ten seconds to avoid losing visitors.

Setting The Right Resolution

Setting the right quality when creating your web pages can save you from visitors leaving your site rather quickly. It is important to understand is that the majority of all Computers are set at a 800 x 600 resolution. The problem here is, in case an internet user with these settings continues on a website that was created with a higher quality, the user will end up scrolling left to right in order to view all of the webpage.

Even though there are ways around this by implementing tables into your web page, you might be better off creating all your web pages so they can be viewed on PC’s having a lower resolution.

Contact Information

If you don’t have a link that is accessible to a connections page, most people will not purchase anything at all from you.

It is highly recommended to place hyperlinks that are plainly visible on all of your web pages that go to a separate contacts page. This page should give your own viewers a way to contact you along with any questions, concerns or feedback. This helps ensure support and trust in doing business with you.

Pop Ups

This can be the most annoying feature a website can have in my opinion. Pop ups are used to get the viewers attention to either sign up for some thing or purchase their products. Although I am aware the basis to pop ups and exactly what they are meant to achieve, I feel additional ways to capture your visitors attention which should get you the same results.

The most effective way to capture your visitors interest is having solid content on your website with useful information, as mentioned earlier. With that being said, you are able to implement title links in between a few of your paragraphs, which can take your people to separate pages on “special promotions”, “newsletters” or “products”. On these pages, you can list the same message you would have in your pop up. This is far more acceptable since the viewer is making the choice to click on the link.

If you feel your website needs to use appear ups, use a pop under rather. This form of pop up only comes up when a person leaves your website and is far less annoying.

Site Map

A website map is a separate page that will list a complete directory to your entire website. You can relate to it such as what a table of contents would be to a book. Having a site map on the website helps the viewer control through your site without confusion or second-guessing where to find something. Most search engines favor sites with site maps, which in turn will improve your search rankings, in addition to placement.

Privacy Policy

With the ever increasing difficulties with Spam on the Internet, a privacy policy is a crucial element to your website. You are letting your viewers know that any information they supply you with, is held in the strictest confidence and that you will not talk about this information with any other third party. You happen to be instilling trust to all who do business with you.

Update Your Site Often

This is a valid step you want to take seriously. Updating your site with new articles gives your viewers a reason to revisit your website. Search engines love sites that update their site often , which will definitely increase your search engine rankings.

It can be an added benefit to add a section in your home page that tells your viewers when your site was last updated, the type of changes that were made and also a link to each update.